Dear Parents on Parent’s Evening!

It’s called all sorts now isn’t it! Parents’ evening! Consultation evening! etc. etc. Slag off the teacher evening!  Barge in the classroom and be downright rude to the teacher evening!  Let’s be a mouthy mother and try to be threatening to the teacher evening and bring in the big bulky husband to back me up with the intimidating the teacher evening!

Well done and thank you to the majority of supportive parents.  Your children will achieve due to your support and the mutual respect we have. We work as a team to help your child succeed!

To you abusive, nasty parents who barge into my classroom with the same pathetic attitude that your child displays when disrupting my lessons, God help you!  I hope you are never subjected to this nonsense at your place of work!

I pray to God you can get on with your job without the hassle I am subjected to!  I hope you never breed again and I hope your ill disciplined offspring don’t reproduce in the near future!  In fact I pray, and really I do on this one, that they never produce little carbon copies of themselves or you!

I do not pick on your little precious equal. Your little precious equal is basically naughty! You are rude! Get over yourself and stop blaming the world for your inadequacies!  Get a job or at least try to! Stop thinking the world owes you! Please, most of all, stop inflicting this horrendous attitude on your child!

Don’t play the single parent card, don’t play the syndrome card! There are many single parents etc. in and out of work who bring up children with little resources!. Lack of money is no excuse for poor behaviour!

I’ve met fantastic folk on the streets, perfect manners!  I’ve been a single parent for twenty one years, my girl is polite and respectful!  So don’t tell me about hardship! There is never an excuse for poor manners!  Money does not buy manners or morals!

Stop wasting tax payers money! Stop being lazy and sort your child out! I am a teacher! I am not a surrogate parent to your child!  I was not not put on this earth to take shit from an ill disciplined child because you can’t be bothered to deal with it! Stop shunning your responsibilities! You gave birth to it, bring it up.

Don’t ever again storm into my room and be aggressive and threatening! Be aware that the attitude you display will do a full circle!


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