Dear Daughter.

Dear Daughter, Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter and all my daughters beyond my mathematical capacity. I hope this in some way is passed on to you:

Look not upon us as supressed women. Don’t look down upon us as the subjugated ones. There will come a time wherein you will read our stories and consider them and us to be ridiclous. Pray God I hope so. There will be a time teenage girls, my Granddaughters who will reel in horror at the mere thought of violence and rape. There will be a time when you will cringe at these atrocities as we shudder at medieval totrture and the treatment of those women accused of witchcraft.

Dearest daughter, please don’t judge us for what we did succumb to and please do not take on our anger and angst. This is not your baggage. It is however your fight, to continue in a respectful way; not in our name, but in your own honour!

I am so so sorry I have told you my past. I am so sorry I have disclosed a life of horror to you that you wouldn’t have been subjected to if I’d simply been your mum. But I never wanted to be just a mum! I held you in my arms after giving birth to you and said; “Hello my girl, I’m your mum”; rightly or wrongly, all I’ve ever been is me! And all I’ve ever done is my best to ensure you were never sullied by life.

I failed my love, I failed when I told you the truth of life. I failed when I told my story. I failed when I treated you as a friend. I failed when I trusted you. But then did I?

You have judged and scorned. You have belittled in the same way as the abusers. But in that I have seen your passion, your anger, your disgust, your strength. Beneath all your angst, I see my girl! I love you and am forever proud of you. We have our moments, but I see you and I hear you!

Daughter, don’t be so hard on me. You’ve supported me through so much that no child should ever be faced with and we are now woman to woman as we are now woman to woman with every woman on this planet. You as a little girl nursed me through cancer. You healed me. You were there with my mum and dad and you did make me better! You are more than my world.

I made damned sure you were never hurt, I made damned sure of that. If you ever were, I had no say in it. You were never hurt under my watch! Be easy on me petal.

I pray for you women with the ‘banter’ you fight against and the new abuse you shun. As young women please remember, my generation made divorce more commonplace.

You dearest daughter will always be my pride and joy. My hope for the future of women. You are the best thing that has happened to me. You are all I have. You are all I trust and the ultimate love I’ve ever felt. You have to forgive me for not giving two hoots over my life because you are my life and future and I forgive you everything, be happy, be content and know and believe we are strong women!

Daughter, you are going to be the mouthpieces to the daughters I’ve not yet met and will never meet. Tell them the stories and let’s pray to God they will be as distant stories as are those of the dunking stool.


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