God Bless The TA!

When your day has been total Hell,

And you don’t know where to turn.

There is someone who knows you so well,

And ensures you don’t overburn.


When you’re running head over ass,

And your lesson is in the air.

Someone knows your class,

Your TA, always there!


Those times when it’s all complete shit!

Organising a seating plan!

Your TA knows where they should sit,

Your TA, your right hand man!


Those times when you just can’t take,

The pressure it becomes too much.

Your TA gives you a break,

Your TA, the lifesaving touch!


Those times when you want to cry,

And you can’t explain how you feel.

Your TA knows bloody why,

And your TA pulls you to heel.


The TA is the jewel in the crown,

Of every school in the land.

The TA should never be put down,

Your TA, your righthand man!


One thought on “God Bless The TA!

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