It’s About Time!

It’s about time we had more unashamed patriotism in this ancient land of ours. We are still within the time of the jubilee year of our dear Queen Elizabeth II. I displayed the Union Flag in the window of my little cottage. I was proud of it. The Olympics were taking place at the time and I was proud of that. I was proud to be British. Why shouldn’t I be? I took it down when a friend casually and certainly not maliciously made a comment that it could be seen as rather too patriotic to the extent of being ‘racist’. It saddened me. I have put it up again tonight!

It is true every country has a past that is shameful. But is it really that shameful? We need to realise that many events in the past reflected the culture of those times. My country like many others in the world haven’t always got things right. The British Empire is an example of this. But, it was the culture at that time and we have learnt from this and moved forward. Nazi Germany is an exception to the rule and similar atrocities continue in the world. Can all countries declare the same changes as the UK has? There are horrendous groups such as EDL and The National Front and they need wiping out as do other horrid fundamentalists!

It’s about time we stopped denying our faith if we have faith, for fear of offending other non indigenous faiths. Arguably this is contentious. Paganism could be considered to be our indigenous faith. As a Catholic obviously I’ll lean towards Catholicism. We have for centuries been a multicultural society and we should indeed remain so and be proud of our gift for tolerance. But, not at the cost of Eastern religions taking any priorities and advantages over our own as some folk feel that they do. Similarly, these folk should be listened to within an appropriate forum. If we are destined to become a secular country that should be made clear and all religions practised here should be equal. So horror stories of Muslims blocking the streets and aisles in trains in prayer really shouldn’t be accepted as Christian fundamentalists should not be accepted either.

It’s about time the working person didn’t have to pay for the wrongs of others. The man, the woman, who goes to work and works jolly hard to pay a mortgage, rent, bills. But yet some of these folk can’t afford a holiday. However, they save and save and carefully plan when they can have children. On the other hand there are others, and we know there are, who claim benefits and continue to churn out children. Whilst we are at work they are basically shagging each other senseless because hey another baby another dollar! This happens! We all know it but we are afraid to say!

It’s about time ‘rights’ were actually defined correctly. This relates somewhat to the above. Yes you have a ‘right’ to a family when you are in a position to finance your family! Why should I? Really? Tell me? I am in no way against folk claiming benefits. I have had to myself. I am against the benefit culture! Jobs are hard to come by. Don’t keep churning out children then! Simples! Mistakes do happen and women and men are left in poor situations but don’t regard that as your destiny.

It’s about time parents took responsibility for their children. Many do and I know fantastic parents. Stop seeking ‘syndromes’. Really? The tax payer pays extra benefit to a parent of what is sometimes simply a naughty child! There are far too many ‘syndromes’. Stop blaming teachers too. Teachers do not pick on your child. Your child is naughty, discipline it! If you can’t or if there is a genuine problem, seek help, don’t defend your child’s poor behaviour. We are all responsible to varying degrees and help is available. But not when you actively blame those who do care and can help!

It’s about time we bothered about the environment. So your fancy big house looks good with flag stones! Get off your lazy arse and dig it and plant things and do your bit for wildlife! Get your animals neutered. Yes is it your responsiblity to reduce the amount of kittens born. It is your responsiblity to NOT go to a puppy farm! Stop hunting you weirdo, really, keep traditions, but hell, Henry VIII did that and what a twat he was! We’ve moved forward ok? Same with factory farming, it’s barbaric. Have less and support free range farmers! Some traditions like Christmas are nice, some are cruel. We do have the intelligence to distinguish between what is what! Recycle! It’s so easy! Holiday more in this fantastic country and boycott cruelty. Do you really want to finance a country that skins dogs alive? Make a stance! We moan about queuing in shops and everything else, lets really moan and take action about things that actually matter!

It’s about time we sorted out crime and stopped pussy footing about. How many paedophiles now? How many overcrowded prisons? I do wonder still having studied crime statistics in other countries, how many folk would actually think twice about sexually abusing our children if they knew with our technology that they would be hung for it! I wonder if they’d soon get over their little pedo rape syndrome? What if we all had to go to our local prison and actually take the cash out of our wallets and hand it over to the dirty little thief or the warped rapist? Could you do that? You do that but indirectly.

It’s about time we stopped having to be so bloody politically correct. It’s time we had humour again. Clearly not at the expense of those less abled or less fortunate. But really, get a grip folks! We need to release ourselves from this ‘blame’ culture. This paranoid culture. The world isn’t out to get us. We are the world for Heaven’s sake! It’s time we stopped being afraid to say to those who have moved here and criticise us; ” Go back to your own land then”. Sharia law and any other laws that are not the laws of our land do not have a place here. It’s a fact. It’s not racist. It’s not discriminatory. When I can build a Catholic shrine in Iran and not be persecuted….. well there you go! Stop ‘honour’ killings in our country! It is not right and we should not be subjected to this and our Police Force should not have to deal with such things and then be criticised because it’s happened. Why is it wrong to think or say; “If you want Sharia law or Islamic ways, go live in an Islamic State”? I am NOT racist but am at times made to feel so.

It’s about time any extremism in this country is wiped out totally. Relating to the above, there shouldn’t be feelings of preferential treatment given to some groups. It should be made clear and in a concise way that ALL religions may thrive but none may attack the other in any way.

It’s about time our soldiers were totally supported and financed when they leave the forces for whatever reasons, unless they are dishonourable. The current case of our Marines is ridiculous. ‘Pacifists’ need to shut up. Don’t you think we all desire peace? Ask the families of the ‘Fallen’. Get a grip. Whilst nasty regimes exist around the world we need a strong fighting force! This force should be a priority and funded accordingly!

It’s about time we all stood up and behaved as we were born to behave. As humans. As decent but also tribal folk, proud of what and who we are! Accept your destiny and your own determination. No one owes you anything! But you dear reader owe you your all and you have a duty to your family, your community, your society, your country and your world!


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